Five Tips When Selling Your Business

You’ve worked hard building a business.  Now it’s time to sell – maybe to retire, maybe to do something different, maybe because the market timing feels right.  Selling a business is always a challenge, even when the sale is straightforward.  Here are a few survival tips.

Tip 1 – Get Organized

There is more value in an efficient, well-organized company that a potential buyer can easily understand.

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Five Reasons to Hire a General Counsel

When executives convene to strategize business plans and dream up big innovations, emotions run high and adrenaline surges.  Yet, brilliant ideas can bring disaster if not tempered by the voice of a General Counsel.  Cost-cutting measures can run afoul of federal regulations; business licenses can be overlooked; anti-trust laws can be violated.

Including a trusted legal partner brings a different perspective to the conversation.  A General Counsel speaks with a voice that is passionate about the mission, yet tempered with reason and risk mitigation strategies.  A sage to navigate the complicated intersection between ethics, profit and law.

There are many reasons companies hire a lawyer.  Many involve bailing companies out of bad decisions.  I offer five reasons that a General Counsel is an up-front strategic investment that companies cannot afford to overlook.

Trusted partner

A General Counsel is more than just a lawyer.  She’s also an advisor and partner.  A sounding board.  A bridge between departments.  A voice of reason and perspective.  Working in the trenches with management and becoming part of the team, the General Counsel facilitates transactions more easily and at less expense than a typical outside counsel arrangement.  Whether it’s diffusing sticky customer situations, speaking calm words of wisdom, or answering day-to-day routine questions, the General Counsel enables management to proceed more quickly and confidently with their business. Continue reading “Five Reasons to Hire a General Counsel”

Adventure Sparks Adventure

Not usually in the company of sheep, I found myself captivated.  They were unfriendly, preferring to graze the farm than acknowledge our presence.  Clearly a working herd, not pets.  They were particularly adept at getting the job done – not a weed to be seen between the rows of magueys.  We were visiting our friend Eduardo on his maguey farm in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Eduardo is an inspiring kind of guy.  He’s a community leader and a sought-after expert in the distillation of mezcal, yet he remains humble, leading a simple life.  His farm is a family affair – his house hand built with bricks made on the property, his family and friends by his side.  He supports his community through responsible farming and local sourcing.  He will not allow his mezcals to be priced beyond the reach of the people.  Eduardo is dedicated to preserving his craft, his village, the land, and his way of life.

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