Adventure Sparks Adventure

Not usually in the company of sheep, I found myself captivated.  They were unfriendly, preferring to graze the farm than acknowledge our presence.  Clearly a working herd, not pets.  They were particularly adept at getting the job done – not a weed to be seen between the rows of magueys.  We were visiting our friend Eduardo on his maguey farm in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Eduardo is an inspiring kind of guy.  He’s a community leader and a sought-after expert in the distillation of mezcal, yet he remains humble, leading a simple life.  His farm is a family affair – his house hand built with bricks made on the property, his family and friends by his side.  He supports his community through responsible farming and local sourcing.  He will not allow his mezcals to be priced beyond the reach of the people.  Eduardo is dedicated to preserving his craft, his village, the land, and his way of life.

Watching those sheep work while Eduardo seemed to achieve a sense of self-actualization caused me to reflect.  How much was I like Eduardo?  I was a very effective, efficient lawyer and executive, and I added considerable shareholder value.  However, I had been contemplating how I could do more for even more people on a personal level.  I had considered starting my own law practice, but the timing never seemed right.  Upon returning to Houston, I received a few calls that went something like these: “You are the only lawyer I like and trust.”  “I wish I could hire you.”  “Where can I find a lawyer like you?”  “Have you considered hanging a shingle?”  Were those calls a coincidence?  Or was I really only truly hearing the calls for the first time?  Either way, those words provided the kick start I needed.  With the unwavering support of my family, I jumped into this new adventure and haven’t looked back.  It’s curious how one adventure seems to have sparked another.

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