Who knew starting a law practice would be such a rush!

After 20 years of lawyering for one director or another, I knew that setting out as Kunkemoeller Law would be exciting albeit a little scary.  Turns out, it has also been the most fun and rewarding adventure of my career to date.

The question 2017 brought most frequently was, “What do you actually do?”

Kunkemoeller Law provides personalized legal guidance.  With my clients, we strategize how to reduce risk, increase efficiencies and make smart, well informed business decisions.  We implement contract management systems to maximize profitability.  We build procedures to streamline legal decision-making. We keep things simple and clean.  We learn from each other.  We talk, we laugh, and we celebrate victories.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs succeed.  My clients are interesting and have big ideas.  Most are running small to mid-market companies that need ongoing legal help.  What they don’t need is the expense of a full-time general counsel or exorbitantly priced big-firm lawyers.

As year two starts, I look forward to blazing new paths.  Happy 2018!

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